Friday, June 25, 2010

Archive Mania

The last few weeks since half-term have been too busy to leave time to thing! At half-term we did a small exhibition called "Forty Years On..." focused on Holman House in the 1960s, with information mostlt from Don Armour. It was interesting to see how the versions of events were interpreted quite differently by the Housemasters and Heads of House. The I made a short speech on why the Medical Tradition at Epsom College should be revived(because it makes us different, and is very much to be proud of). This was largely made from the research of Dr. Michael Salmon and Dr. John Ford. Since half-term I have been to see the new Bursar's archive under the Library, which is much tidier and more workable than the chaos that used to reign there. The College Archive acquired quite a lot of material as a result of this tidying, which still needs to be filed and organised.
Yesterday I spent the day with two friends from Headington School Archive in Oxford. They visited the College to see what we do and to see an archive in action. It was very useful ideed to swap ideas and solutions. Now we must try to get the Archive tidied up for the end of term, and write the articles for the O.E. magazine.